BBE SonicMax at Summerfest

BBE’s patented technology restores the natural warmth, clarity and definition that have been missing from your digital listening experience. So naturally, we took to the Summerfest grounds to ask a few music-lovers to listen to Aerosmith in a whole new way.

Spreading the love.

Nothing makes us happier than spreading the BBE love with our loyal fans. Check out some words from John Brill, blues fan and recent winner of the signed Jerry Cantrell G & L Guitar and BBE Sonic Stomp.

“I am in fact astonished at the quality of this guitar. I’m only a beginner and I know others may see things that I do not, but this guitar looks and feels like it should cost three or four times what it does. It really looks like a piece of art. Now I know how G&L has developed such die-hard, dedicated fans over the years, of which I am now one.

At first I wondered how much I would enjoy a guitar designed for hard rock and shredding, with one volume knob. But after spending some time with my Rampage, I know I won’t be missing anything it doesn’t have.
It sounds fantastic. I haven’t experimented much with the BBE Sonic Stomp yet, but it really adds to the tone – I think it should come standard with all guitars.

I’ll be listening to more Jerry Cantrell now. I really didn’t know him well before but I am very impressed with his melodies. And please thank him for having such a beautiful signature – it looks great on my guitar!

I never would have been able to own a guitar of this quality without your contest. Thank you all!”

John Brill with his new G & L Guitar from BBE Sound

How to adjust the BBE SonicMax Pro app for the best performance.

As a general rule we “humans” hear things differently on an individual basis.  Meaning, what sounds good to you may sound different to your friend.  This is important to keep in mind when setting your Sonic Max app.  We considered this when setting the individual presets, giving you a balanced set of presets that would appeal to a wide variety of listening devices and listeners tastes.  What is cool about the Sonic Max App is you can adjust “tweak” the individual presets and even create your own custom preset sounds for your car, your dock product , that extra set of headphones or  even create that special mix for your favorite album.

Adjusting the sound controls:   First rule, not all listening devices are created equal.  From the tiny speakers in your earbuds/headphones to the six-speaker 200-watt setup in your car.  We suggest that you start at a low to mid-level volume, this will allow to hear the effects of the changes that you are making with the settings controls, and adjust according to your personal taste.

Making Adjustments to the settings: (fine-tuning a preset or setting your own custom preset)

We suggest you first start with one of the provided presets (earbuds/earphones, headphones are a good place to begin) and let this be your sound reference point.  At the top of the settings screen (the one with all of the knobs) you will see a picture of ear buds/earphones.  This identifies the preset selected and that the Sonic Max control settings are optimized for that listening device.  If you want to change the device preset you just tap on the listen device picture, this takes you back to the preset screen library.  Just swipe the screen (left or right) to access the other preset and or custom choices. Once you tap on the picture of the listening device you a returned to the audio control settings page.

How do I adjust the sound to my listening preference?

To adjust one of the audio control features tap on the button and you will see the green highlight surround the knob.  Next use your index finger to slide the green level control on the right side of the page to change the setting.  You can even tap on a reference point and see the green bar jump to that point.

Adjusting the Low Contour and BBE Process:

You should adjust these settings in first, as they work in harmony together and have the most impact on your overall sound experience… setting the stage.

Low Contour Control:  adjusts the time corrected amount of bass frequency. You are not adjusting a single bass note or frequency… but adjusting all of the audible low to mid band frequencies.  BBE technology allows you to hear the lost low frequency detail and definition traditionally that is missing from simply boosting low frequencies.  You are optimizing the speakers ability to more faithfully and accurately reproduce low frequency information.

When adjusting Low Control from a preset, start with slight adjustments.  Take time to become more familiar with the change in low frequency and the impact on your overall sound level.  Optimum Low Contour setting range for most listening devices (2-6 on the knob scale) remember the higher the level the higher the low frequency sound output, important when you are using earbuds verse your car or speaker doc. You do not want to overdrive and send your smaller speakers into distortion.  What is cool about the Sonic Max app is you have separate presets and  individual audio memory settings for your personal tastes.

BBE Process Control: Adjusting the BBE Process control adjusts the level of timed corrected high frequency information.  The BBE Process restores clarity and definition to high frequencies and brings into the foreground  the brilliance and detail  of your personal music mix.  Optimum Process Control setting range for most listening devices (4 – 8 on the knob scale)

BBE iSet Control: Every speaker, small or large has a “sweet spot” the optimum point at which you hear the clarity of midrange frequency, maximizing the overall performance of any speaker.  Adjusting the iSet feature when listening to music, helps you tune in optimum clarity and definition to the overall sound.  Adjusted properly you will be amazed at the audible results.  When adjusting the iSet Control your overall volume level should be set to a comfortable listing level, and should be adjusted after your Low Contour and Process levels have been set.   Optimum iSet Control setting range for most listening devices (3 – 5 on the knob scale)

Mach3Bass Frequency / Gain Control: Every speaker has limitations when reproducing tight and audible bass sounds, especially speakers in earbuds/headphones and dock products.  They cannot faithfully reproduce the thump and feel we associate with good clean bass sound.  Mach3Bass is a parametric EQ, a cool term that technically can accentuate top-end bass frequency while adding the perception of a detailed low-end without overdriving the speakers.  With the Mach3Bass Gain control set to 5, you can now find those top end bass notes by adjusting the Mach3Bass Frequency control bring them alive again, for you to hear and feel.

Optimum Mach3Bass Frequency setting range for most listening devices (2-4 on the knob scale) Optimum Gain Control setting range for most listening devices (3-6)

Sound Field Control: Does exactly what it says, a control that allows you to expand “widen” the stereo image with a simple adjustment.  Optimum Sound Field setting range for most listening devices (2-5 on the knob scale)

On/off: master sound control that allows for a quick comparison of your settings.

It’s exciting to hear what people are saying.

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