If you love music, prepare to fall in love all over again.

SonicMax Pro—BBE’s critically acclaimed HD audio technology—
is now the audio player you’ve been pining for.

“An outstanding product made more accessible = a HOME RUN!”

– Hugh MacDonald, Bassist, Bon Jovi

“The BBE SonicMax is ear candy. Just in time for Christmas!”

- Steve Augeri, former lead vocalist for Journey

“SonicMax Pro really enhances my digital listening experience, really cool app.”

– Clem Burke, founding member and drummer for Blondie

“I’m listening to music all the time in my car, on a plane, or on the tour bus, most often with earbuds. With the SonicMax Pro, I hear my music the way it’s meant to be heard. All the nuances are there, all the warmth and totally phat!!”

– Zac Baird, keyboardist for Korn

“The BBE SonicMax Pro has turned my iPhone and Jambox into an amazing sound system. If you find the audio lacking in your iPhone, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!!!”

– Elliot Easton, guitarist for The Cars

“The BBE SonicMax Pro is BRILLIANT!
This release is well timed as it is much needed!”

– Steve Jordan, legendary producer, musical director, grammy-award-winning drummer
[Keith Richard’s The X-pensive Winos, John Mayer, The Verbs]

Android App Available on Google Play


All the sound you’ve never heard

BBE’s patented technology restores the natural warmth, clarity and definition that have been missing from your digital listening experience. Rediscover the thrill of deeper richer lows, superior clarity and definition, increased upper harmonic detail and better overall audio performance regardless of the quality of your earphones, dock, or speakers. The SonicMax Pro difference will blow you away.

SonicMax Pro is the must-have app for every musician, aspiring DJ and music fanatic. If you learn music by ear, then SonicMax Pro is indispensable. If you’d like to “up the thump” of your DJ setup without adding new gear, SonicMax Pro will do that, too. Or if you just love music, then get ready to fall in love all over again.

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